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The conversation about having a special place where dreams go to soar was always there, tucked into various conversations -both online and offline – about all the magical things that could happen in our communities if we only had somewhere to call our own. Like many things, there always seemed to be far more reasons why we COULDN’T do something than why we COULD.

There’s never enough available resources, no ideal space, not enough people to see it come to fruition, and sometimes, not enough courage. But after going through the past year of COVID-19, social unrest and unbelievable suffering, all the reasons why we could not do this seem to become so insignificant and small.

So when the opportunity to acquire a space presented itself, and an out-of-state investor heard our BIG dreams and decided they were worth betting on and supporting, a merry band of believers started crawling, then walking and running towards the creation of the MS Gulf Coast Village.

Co-working spaces are not a new concept. These creative and unique spaces shared workspaces have existed for years around the world, especially in urban larger areas where there is a bustling creative class. They often include the option to rent an office-life space, a reserved desk, or even just a place to come and work in peace when needed. They also include amenities like private meeting rooms, coffee, printers, wi-fi and more. In recent years, they’ve slowly begun to crop up in populated, but less urban areas.

We’ve been inspired by nearby co-working spaces in New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama. We see how they bring such value to their communities and how they support the growth and collaboration amongst those who decide to join them. And we knew that even in a less urban city like Gulfport, the need for a culturally-sensitive space that intentionally supports diversity and inclusion, community, learning, passion and collaboration was something that should always find a place to thrive. So here we are – on this great journey towards launching The Village. Stay tuned as we grow and trek towards our opening day over the next several months. – The MS Gulf Coast Village DreamTeam