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One of the best things about developing the co-working space has been crafting something that is individualized and specific to our particular needs as a community. Part of that has meant doing lots of research about coworking spaces both near and far, including those located in New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama. We’re learned so much and yet we had so many more specific questions that we needed to get addressed.

Thank God for Stacy Wellborn, the founder and operator of the Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. She recently welcomed us with open arms when several of us took a road trip to Mobile to tour The Container Yard and get a personal one-on-one with her about her journey thus far.

Stacy was a wealth of information, including sharing some of the pitfalls to avoid, helpful technology, other possible resources and even how to grow the community within her space. The Container Yard is an artsy, beautiful, and creative space in the downtown area that literally has a railroad container constructed into the building that serves as the kitchenette and heart of the facility.

While we were there, we also had a group strategy session that included one of our team members who also happens to have space at The Container Yard as well. The experience was pleasant, timely, informative and mind-blowing. Our excitement has grown exponentially as a result.